Victor Alves

Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering @ CODES Research Group.


Hi there! ūüĎč

I am a Ph.D. Candidate (Graduate Research Assistant) in Chemical Engineering at West Virginia University, and a member of the CODES Research Group. In addition, I hold both a M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees also in Chemical Engineering.

Throughout my career, I have developed algorithms and methods to efficiently solve problems related to Process Systems Engineering (PSE), giving me experience in:

  • Process modeling
  • Advanced process control
  • Plantwide control
  • Nonlinear constrained optimization
  • Supervised machine learning.

My current goal is to conduct further research on the design, modeling, control and assessment of chemical processes. Lastly, I have experience working with the industry, mainly the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy sectors.

selected publications


  1. alves23.jpg
    An inverse mapping approach for process systems engineering using automatic differentiation and the implicit function theorem
    Victor Alves, John R Kitchin, and Fernando V Lima
    AIChE Journal, 2023


  1. alves22.jpg
    A machine learning-based process operability framework using Gaussian processes
    Victor Alves, Vitor Gazzaneo, and Fernando V Lima
    Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2022


  1. metacontrol_paper.jpg
    Metacontrol: A Python based application for self-optimizing control using metamodels
    Felipe Souza Lima, Victor Manuel Cunha Alves, and Antonio Carlos Brandao Araujo
    Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2020


  1. alves18.jpg
    Metamodel-based numerical techniques for self-optimizing control
    Victor MC Alves, Felipe S Lima, Sidinei K Silva, and Antonio CB Araujo
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2018