My main research publications. For a complete list you can check my Google Scholar.


  1. alves24.png
    Opyrability: A Python package for process operability analysis
    Victor Alves, San Dinh, John R. Kitchin, Vitor Gazzaneo, and 2 more authors
    Journal of Open Source Software, 2024


  1. alves23.jpg
    An inverse mapping approach for process systems engineering using automatic differentiation and the implicit function theorem
    Victor Alves, John R Kitchin, and Fernando V Lima
    AIChE Journal, 2023
  2. sweeney23.gif
    Techno-economic Analysis and Optimization of Intensified, Large-Scale Hydrogen Production with Membrane Reactors
    Dean M. Sweeney, Victor Alves, Savannah Sakhai, San Dinh, and 1 more author
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2023


  1. alves22.jpg
    A machine learning-based process operability framework using Gaussian processes
    Victor Alves, Vitor Gazzaneo, and Fernando V Lima
    Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2022


  1. metacontrol_paper.jpg
    Metacontrol: A Python based application for self-optimizing control using metamodels
    Felipe Souza Lima, Victor Manuel Cunha Alves, and Antonio Carlos Brandao Araujo
    Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2020


  1. alves18.jpg
    Metamodel-based numerical techniques for self-optimizing control
    Victor MC Alves, Felipe S Lima, Sidinei K Silva, and Antonio CB Araujo
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2018